Top 25 Consulting Firms to work for in Europe



Claire Whiddett


4th Nov 15


Top 25 Consulting Firms to work for in Europe

The 2016 list of the top 25 consultancy firms to work for has just been released, and unsurprisingly, McKinsey is at the top! Vault, a company that provides global career intelligence, has been creating a list of the best consultancies to work for since 2009, based on seven, differently weighted criteria:

  • 30 percent prestige
  • 15 percent satisfaction
  • 15 percent firm culture
  • 15 percent compensation
  • 10 percent work-life balance
  • 10 percent overall business outlook
  • 5 percent promotion policies

Vault makes it clear that while prestige is very important, other factors such as firm culture play a significant role. In fact, Vault says that for more than 40% of consulting firm candidates, firm culture was the most important factor in selecting an employer. As Michael Mcloughlin, Managing Director of IRG Executive Search, wrote for, “consulting is highly dependent on the values and loyalty of individuals”. This was reinforced by a study done at Columbia University which revealed that the likelihood of job turnover at an organisation with rich company culture is 13.9%, while that figure rockets to 48.4% at an organisation with poor company culture.

In terms of the actual rankings, Bain & Company was a non-mover in the number two spot, followed by Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger and A. T. Kearney who all climbed up the list from the previous year.

Surprisingly The Boston Consulting Group has been ranked at number 23 this year, a significant drop from number two spot it held in 2010. Despite this, BCG is still ranked as the second most reputable firm in Europe.

See the full list for yourself here:

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