Privacy Notice

The Company is a recruitment business which provides work-finding services to its clients and work-seekers. The Company must process personal data (including sensitive personal data) so that it can provide these services – in doing so, the Company acts as a data controller.

You may give your personal details to the Company directly, such as on an application or registration form, through written correspondence (including email), conversations or meetings with our consultants, through any of our offices globally or our website. We may also collect them from another source such as a third-party jobs board, social networking or social media sites. The Company must have a legal basis for processing your personal data. For the purposes of providing you with work-finding services and/or information relating to roles relevant to you; we will only use your personal data in accordance with the terms of the following statement.

1. Collection and use of personal data

a. Purpose of processing and legal basis

The Company has collected your personal data (which may include sensitive personal data – where you provide it in information you send to us, such as your CV) and will process your personal data for the purposes of providing you with work-finding services. This includes for example, contacting you about job opportunities, assessing your suitability for those opportunities, updating our databases, putting you forward for job opportunities, arranging payments to you and developing and managing our services and relationship with you and our clients.

The Company will also process your data to direct market our products and services, advise you of news and industry updates, reports and other information. You will always be given an option to unsubscribe with each communication.

In some cases, we may be required to use your data for the purpose of investigating, reporting and detecting crime and also to comply with laws that apply to us. We may also use your information during the course of internal audits to demonstrate our compliance with certain industry standards.

The legal bases we rely upon to offer these services to you are:

  • Where we have a legitimate interest
  • To comply with a legal obligation that we have
  • To fulfil a contractual obligation that we have with you
  • Certain circumstances will require consent to process your data in a certain way

b. Categories of data

The Company has collected the following personal data on you:

Personal data:

  • name, postal address, telephone and email details
  • your current and previous employment/work details, including job title and employer
  • interests
  • nationality
  • photographs
  • bank details
  • copy of your passport
  • recruitment-specific details such as any professional certifications, education and qualifications, skills, career history, salary range, right to work status, citizenship, referee details and any other information relevant of required by law to enable us to provide the services
  • any other information which you include in your CV or a completed application form
  • any information which has been published or made available on a social media profile or job board (whether by you or a third party), or in any news media
  • details of your umbrella company or personal service company
  • the contract for services we hold with your umbrella company or personal service company relating to the work you do or will do for our client, including timesheet data and charge rates relating to the work you perform under the contract
  • details of your referees and emergency contacts
  • references from third parties such as previous employers and nominated referees
  • the results of pre-employment screening or vetting checks which we are asked or required to undertake in relation to you (including the results of any Disclosure and Barring checks and any information you provide relating to current and/or spent criminal convictions carried out on behalf of the hirer during the on boarding process)
  • any email communications, including attachments, which you send to us
  • the results of right to work checks

c. Legitimate interest

This is where the Company has a legitimate reason to process your data provided it is reasonable and does not go against what you would reasonably expect from us.  Where the Company has relied on a legitimate interest to process your personal data our legitimate interests is/are as follows:

  • contacting you about job opportunities
  • assessing your suitability for those opportunities
  • updating our database
  • putting you forward for job opportunities
  • arranging payments to you
  • developing and managing our services and relationship with you and our clients.
  • direct market our products and services, advise you of news and industry updates, reports and other information

d. Recipient/s of data

The Company will process your personal data with the following recipients:

  • Clients
  • Company database
  • Sister Companies – Selecture Pty Ltd and Selecture Pte Ltd
  • Umbrella Companies
  • Trusted third parties
  • Regulatory and law enforcement agencies if required

e. Statutory/contractual requirement

Your personal data is required by law and/or a contractual requirement (e.g. our client may require this personal data), and/or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract. You are obliged to provide the personal data and if you do not the consequences of failure to provide the data are:

  • Unable to provide work seeking services
  • Unable to supply you to a client

2. Overseas Transfers

The Company may transfer only the information you provide to us to countries outside the European Economic Area (‘EEA’) for the purposes of providing you with work-finding services, business development, system development and testing, development and marketing of other products and services and to improve our customer service. We will take steps to ensure adequate protections are in place to ensure the security of your information. The EEA comprises the EU member states plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

3. Data retention

The Company will retain your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the purpose we collect it. it and will depend on the services we perform for you as to how long we require it. We conduct regular data-cleansing and updating exercises to ensure that data is accurate, and not held for too long. Different laws may also require us to keep different data for different periods of time.

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, require us to keep work-seeker records for at least one year from (a) the date of their creation or (b) after the date on which we last provide you with work-finding services.

4. Your rights

Please be aware that you have the following data protection rights:

  • The right to be informed about the personal data the Company processes on you;
  • The right of access to the personal data the Company processes on you;
  • The right to rectification of your personal data;
  • The right to erasure of your personal data in certain circumstances;
  • The right to restrict processing of your personal data;
  • The right to data portability in certain circumstances;
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data that was based on a public or legitimate interest;
  • The right not to be subjected to automated decision making and profiling; and
  • The right to withdraw consent at any time.

Where you have consented to the Company processing your personal data you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time by contacting Ewa Lancefield, Data Protection Officer at

There may be circumstances where the Company will still need to process your data for legal or official reasons. We will inform you if this is the case. Where this is the case, we will restrict the data to only what is necessary for the purpose of meeting those specific reasons.

If you believe that any of your data that the Company processes is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us using the details above and we will take reasonable steps to check its accuracy and correct it where necessary.

You can also contact us using the above details if you want us to restrict the type or amount of data we process for you, access your personal data or exercise any of the other rights listed above.

5. Automated decision-making

The Company does not utilize any form of automated profiling at this time. All of our recruitment activities involve human decision-making during the process.

6. Source of the personal data

The Company sourced your personal data by the following means:

  • Job boards
  • Adverts
  • Referrals
  • Clients
  • Social media and social networking sites
  • Direct application
  • Company website

This information came from a publicly accessible source.

7. Complaints or queries

If you wish to complain about this privacy notice or any of the procedures set out in it please contact: Ewa Lancefield, Data Protection Officer at

You also have the right to raise concerns with Information Commissioner’s Office on 0303 123 1113 or at, or any other relevant supervisory authority should your personal data be processed outside of the UK, if you believe that your data protection rights have not been adhered to.

To find out about how we process your data, please read our privacy policy.